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Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set

Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set product
Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set
Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set
Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set
Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set
Nendoroid More Arknights Amiya Extension Set

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    Good Smile Arts Shanghai
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    Sculptor: Salmon Cooperation: Nendoron A set of additional parts for Amiya from "Arknights"! A special parts set for Nendoroid Amiya is here! This parts set can be combined with Nendoroid Amiya (sold separately) from the popular smartphone game "Arknights" for even more fun. The set includes various parts including documents for work, Amiya's sword Ying Xiao, a sword pedestal and a dragon. Three new face plates including a combat face, a worried face and a relieved face are included as well! Enjoy creating even more scenes and situations from the series! Be sure to add this parts set for Nendoroid Amiya (sold separately) to your collection!

    Amiya is a captivating anime character with a striking appearance that commands attention. Her long hair falls in thick midnight black waves that cascade down her back, swaying gently with every step she takes. Her sharp, angular features are softened by her large, expressive violet eyes that seem to hold a universe of emotion. Her skin is as pale as moonlight and contrasts sharply with the vibrant red scarf that she wears as a trademark. Amiya always looks put together, wearing a black armored vest over a white shirt, black leggings, and tall combat boots.

    Amiya's story is one of ambition, loyalty, and sacrifice. Her journey began in a small town on the outskirts of a vast post-apocalyptic wasteland, where she lived alongside her parents and brother. One fateful afternoon, a group of raiders descended upon the town, slaughtering its inhabitants and leaving Amiya as the sole survivor. This event irrevocably changed her life, and she vowed to become stronger to prevent any similar tragedies from happening to others. Amiya soon found herself drafted into a powerful organization of elite warriors known as the "Rhodes Island" faction, where she became a renowned combat medic. Over time, she proved herself to be a valuable asset to the team, eventually rising to the level of Commander, determined to create a world where everyone can live peacefully.

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    165 cm (64.96 inches)

    51 kg (112.44 lb)







    Combat Medic and Commander of Rhodes Island faction.

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