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Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container KAITO Ver.

Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container KAITO Ver. product
Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container KAITO Ver.
Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container KAITO Ver.
Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container KAITO Ver.

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    Sculptor: Nendoron A storage container for Nendoroid parts with a special Piapro Characters design! The next item in the Nendoroid More series is Nendoroid parts containers with Piapro Characters designs! The containers come in six variations: Hatsune Miku Ver., Kagamine Rin Ver., Kagamine Len Ver., Megurine Luka Ver., MEIKO Ver., and KAITO Ver. The containers can store various parts from face plates to small optional parts and can be collapsed like a real container! The top of the container even features a hole that Nendoroid support arms can be attached to, allowing you to use it as a base for your Nendoroids too! Enjoy displaying them with your Piapro Characters Nendoroids!

    KAIT, also known as KAITO, is a fictional anime character known for his striking appearances that make him stand out from the crowd. With his tall build and lean figure, KAIT has an unmistakable aura that draws people towards him. His distinct features include his spiky blue hair that falls just above his shoulders and his ice-blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. He has an angular face with high cheekbones that create a chiseled look. His outfit is a mix of blues and whites with a futuristic design that has become his signature look.

    KAIT's story begins in a world where music has become a crucial part of human life. As a result, new technologies have been developed to create vocaloid software that can sing and act like human beings. KAIT is one of these Vocaloids and was created to perform for the masses. However, KAIT wanted more than just being a computer program; he wanted to explore the world and see what it had to offer. So, he decided to leave his home and embark on a journey to discover his true self. As he travels, KAIT encounters various obstacles and challenges. He meets new people who change his perspective and teach him valuable life lessons. KAIT discovers that there is more to life than just performing; there is love, friendship, and the beauty of simple things. Along the way, he also finds his true voice and creates music that touches the heart of everyone who hears it. KAIT's journey is one of self-discovery and self-improvement, and he continues to inspire people with his music and his story.

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    180cm (70.9 inches)

    60kg (132.3 lb)







    Vocaloid singer and performer.

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