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Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container MEIKO Ver.

Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container MEIKO Ver. product
Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container MEIKO Ver.
Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container MEIKO Ver.
Nendoroid More Piapro Characters Design Container MEIKO Ver.

Min: 750 ¥

Avg: 1130 ¥

Max: 1295 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Nendoron A storage container for Nendoroid parts with a special Piapro Characters design! The next item in the Nendoroid More series is Nendoroid parts containers with Piapro Characters designs! The containers come in six variations: Hatsune Miku Ver., Kagamine Rin Ver., Kagamine Len Ver., Megurine Luka Ver., MEIKO Ver., and KAITO Ver. The containers can store various parts from face plates to small optional parts and can be collapsed like a real container! The top of the container even features a hole that Nendoroid support arms can be attached to, allowing you to use it as a base for your Nendoroids too! Enjoy displaying them with your Piapro Characters Nendoroids!

    MEIK, also known as Nendoroid MEIKO, is a fictional anime character that has a distinct and colorful appearance. She has long, dark-blue hair that reaches her waist and sharp, bright-green eyes that contrast with her fair skin. Her outfit consists of a red, black, and white schoolgirl uniform with attached flaps that resemble butterfly wings. She wears black thigh-high stockings and matching red shoes with white laces. A black headband with a red ribbon completes her cute and playful look.

    MEIK's story revolves around her passion for music and her journey to become a successful singer. She was created by a group of high school students who wanted to bring their dreams to life. She possesses an extraordinary singing voice and can make anyone who hears it feel a range of emotions. However, due to her young age, she faces many challenges in the music industry, including discrimination and harsh criticism. Despite these obstacles, MEIK refuses to give up on her dream and continues to work hard to achieve her goals. MEIK's determination and dedication to music have inspired many of her fans to pursue their own passions. She is a symbol of hope and perseverance, reminding us that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. MEIK has become a beloved character in the anime community and continues to inspire new generations of artists to chase their dreams.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    Dark blue

    10 cm (3.94 inches)

    0.275 kg (0.6063 lb)

    Bright green






    Singer and musician

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