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Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara

Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara product
Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara
Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara
Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara
Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara
Nendoroid NARUTO Shippuden Gaara

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    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron "When did you all choose to forsake yourselves?" From the popular anime series "Naruto Shippuden" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara! He comes complete with his iconic sand gourd which also comes with sand effect parts which can be attached to the opening to display him using his sand manipulation techniques. Two large sand parts are included which can be used on other Nendoroids to recreate his Sand Coffin technique, or instead be placed in front of him to display him defending himself with his Ultimate Defense technique. He can also be posed shaking hands with Naruto to recreate the scene after Naruto and the others rescued him. In addition, a clear sheet featuring his tailed beast, Shukaku, is also included to display by his side!

    Gaara is a fictional anime character from the popular Naruto franchise. He has a distinct appearance with his signature red hair and black-ringed eyes. He is often seen wearing a dark, loose-fitting robe with a red interior and has a gourd strapped to his back. Gaara's physical appearance is stoic, and his pale skin and scarred forehead give him a menacing aura. His character design is unique and different from other characters in the series as he is the only character able to manipulate sand.

    The story of Gaara is a tragic one. He was born with a demonic entity named Shukaku, the One-Tail, sealed within him, making him feared and ostracized by his fellow villagers. As a result, Gaara grew up without any friends or family and developed a violent and unstable personality. He believed that the only way to gain love and respect was through fear and violence. Gaara was eventually made into a weapon by his village's leaders, and his sole purpose was to protect his people. However, Gaara's lack of socialization made him an emotionally unstable person, and he caused numerous injuries and deaths. Through the Naruto series, Gaara learns to manage his emotions and becomes an admirable leader, respected by his people.

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    166 cm (65.35 inches)

    50.9 kg (112.22 lb)







    Kazekage (leader of the Hidden Sand Village)

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