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Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae

Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae product
Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae
Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae
Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae
Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae
Nendoroid Nijisanji Kanae

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron "I'm NIJISANJI's 'Lightning Gae Bolg', Kanae." From the popular virtual livestreamer group "NIJISANJI" comes a Nendoroid of the livestreamer with a super healing presence, Kanae! He comes with three face plates including a standard face, a gentle smiling face and a winking face. Optional parts include his cat cushion Roto, a bouquet of flowers and a handgun based on the FPS games he plays! He also comes with a game console so you can display him playing games with your other NIJISANJI Nendoroids! Be sure to add him to your collection along with Nendoroid Sasaki Saku (sold separately), also available for preorder from the same time!

    Kanae is a cute and cheerful Nendoroid Nijisanji, featuring her long orange hair styled in pigtails with big, innocent green eyes. Her overall appearance reflects her bubbly and lively personality. She has a slim, petite build, dressed in a cute schoolgirl outfit with a blue skirt and white blouse. Kanae's outfit includes a stylish red bow-tie that uplifts her look even further. Her appearance is consistent with the cute and charming style of the anime genre, which makes her attractive to many anime lovers.

    Kanae is an anime character who is very passionate about games and technology. She is born to a family of tech enthusiasts who instilled the love of technology in her from an early age. Throughout her childhood, playing games was something she enjoyed a lot. Her parents were glad she was happy with her passion, and they even encouraged her by buying her new games as soon as they were released. This motivated Kanae to pursue game development as a profession. She studied hard and spent countless sleepless nights building and coding games. After graduation, she founded her own gaming studio and started developing games full-time. Her favorite game genres are RPGs and strategy games, and she is a huge fan of esports. When she's not coding, Kanae enjoys playing her own games and mastering them. Kanae also loves to share her love for games with others, and she streams her playthroughs and gaming news on her channels, where she has a dedicated fan base. Kanae's journey is a constant reminder that passion and hard work can take you places you never thought possible.

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    135 (53.15)

    36 (79.3665)







    Game developer and streamer.

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