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Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro

Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro product
Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro
Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro
Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro
Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro
Nendoroid No Game No Life Shiro

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Kazuyoshi Udono Cooperation: Nendoron "There is no such word as 'defeat' for Kuuhaku." From the anime series "No Game No Life" comes a rerelease of the younger of the Kuuhaku gamer siblings - Nendoroid Shiro! She comes with three different face plates including her standard expression, the crying expression she had when she was first summoned into the game world as well as a worried expression that can be used for all sorts of different poses! Optional parts include a playing card, a smartphone that matches Sora's and a gaming console. Sitting parts are also included for even more display options! Also note how beautiful her long rainbow-colored hair looks even in Nendoroid size! Be sure to display her with Nendoroid Sora who will be available for preorder at the same time!

    Shiro is a fictional anime character with strikingly white hair that complements her porcelain skin. Her hair reaches her waist, and she often wears it in a ponytail or braid. Shiro's large, deep blue eyes are her most defining physical feature, and her eyelashes are thick and long. She has a symmetrical face with a small nose and full lips, giving her a delicate, ethereal aura. Shiro's build is thin, yet athletic, with long, toned legs that complement her 5'7" height.

    Shiro's story is one that revolves around strength and perseverance. Born in a small village, Shiro was orphaned at a young age and left to fend for herself. Despite the challenges, Shiro developed a fierce determination and a keen sense of survival. Her upbringing made her wary of people, but she learned to trust those who proved themselves loyal. Perhaps the greatest obstacle of Shiro's life occurred when she was captured by an enemy army during a war. Despite being physically and emotionally abused, Shiro refused to break, relying on her innate strength and resilience to survive. Eventually, she was rescued and brought back to her village, where she became a leader, using her experiences to help others in similar situations.

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    170 (67)

    56 (123)







    Leader in her village

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