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Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo

Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo product
Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo
Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo
Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo
Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo
Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar Shiromo

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    Sculptor: Masaaki Oka / SELECT D Cooperation: Nendoron PUI!PUI! From the popular stop motion anime "Pui Pui Molcar" comes a Nendoroid of the timid Molcar who always seems to get wrapped up in trouble, Shiromo! Flocking has been applied to the Nendoroid for a fuzzy, adorable appearance. Both a standard expression face plate and a surprised expression face plate are included. The Nendoroid also comes with standard eye parts and crying eye parts! In addition to a head of lettuce, a blindfold and medal from episode 2 of the series are included as optional parts! The back of the Nendoroid can be opened, allowing you to display other Nendoroids riding inside! Be sure to add this special Molcar Nendoroid to your collection! *May not be compatible with certain Nendoroids depending on the character design.

    Shirom is a fictional character from the Japanese anime series Nendoroid PUI PUI Molcar. This adorable little creature stands at only a few inches tall, with a round and squishy body that is reminiscent of a white marshmallow. Her large, sparkly eyes have a playful glint in them that perfectly captures her curious personality. Shirom has fluffy white fur covering most of her body, while her ears and the tips of her paws are a soft shade of pink. Overall, Shirom is an absolutely charming character who radiates positivity and warmth.

    Despite her small size, Shirom is full of energy and enthusiasm. She is an incredibly curious creature who always wants to explore her surroundings and learn new things. Shirom is also incredibly friendly and loves to make new friends. Because she is so small, Shirom often needs to rely on her quick wits and cunning to stay safe in dangerous situations. However, despite the challenges she faces, Shirom remains optimistic and never gives up. She is a true inspiration to anyone who meets her, and it's impossible not to fall in love with her adorable personality.

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    7.6 (3)

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    Molcar adventurer

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