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Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo

Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo product
Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo
Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo
Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo
Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo
Nendoroid Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN- Genjyo Sanzo

Min: 5703 ¥

Avg: 6386 ¥

Max: 8106 ¥

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    Genjyo Sanzo
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5703 ¥
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8106 ¥


5846 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Ichinouri Cooperation: Nendoron Planning Cooperation: ORANGE ROUGE "My way of life is free of attachment, like what Genjo Sanzo preaches." From the popular anime series "Saiyuki RELOAD ZEROIN" comes a Nendoroid of Genjo Sanzo! Face plates: Expressionless face Smoking face Displeased face Optional parts: Handgun Paper fan Cigarette Other optional parts for different poses.

    Genjyo Sanzo is a fictional character from the anime series Saiyuki Reload Blast. He has an imposing physical appearance, standing tall at 191 centimeters with broad shoulders and a lean frame. His long blond hair falls in gentle waves along his back and frames his square jaw, while his dark green eyes are sharp and analytical. Sanzo is often seen wearing his iconic crimson robes embroidered with the symbol of the Sanzo priesthood, as well as his golden prayer beads worn tightly around his neck.

    Sanzo is a complex character with a tragic past. He is a high priest in the Sanzo priesthood, tasked with escorting a group of demons on a dangerous journey to the West, where they hope to find a way to escape from their curse of immortality. Sanzo is initially reluctant to take on the mission, but ultimately agrees to help after he learns that his late master was murdered by the same demons he is now traveling with. Throughout the series, Sanzo must confront his own demons and come to terms with his painful past, all while protecting his companions and fighting off hordes of violent monsters.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    191cm (75.2in)

    75kg (165lb)

    Dark Green






    High Priest/ Demon Slayer.

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