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Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver.

Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver. product
Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver.
Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver.
Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver.
Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver.
Nendoroid THE BATMAN - Batman The Batman Ver.

Min: 2920 ¥

Avg: 5820 ¥

Max: 7893 ¥

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7893 ¥
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2920 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shichibee (Matsuda Model) Cooperation: Nendoron "I'm vengeance." From the movie "The Batman" comes a fully articulated Nendoroid of Batman! He comes with two interchangeable face plates -a standard face and an angry face-along with white eye parts that can be used with his mask! Optional parts include a letter from the Riddler, a Batmobile miniature figure, an unmasked head part and a gargoyle part that can be attached to the Nendoroid's base! Be sure to add him to your collection!

    Batma, the fictional anime character, is a charming and attractive hero with a unique appearance that is sure to catch anyone's attention. With a mask that covers his face, he exudes an air of mystery and intimidation. His muscular physique and muscular build, along with his elaborate suit, leave an indelible impression on spectators. He is a hero who wears a suit of armor, which is mostly black with a yellow symbol on the chest that resembles a bat, to fight crime and protect his city. Additionally, his cape, as black as his suit, adds to his intimidating look as it flows behind him in the wind.

    Batma's story begins when he was just a young boy, traumatized after witnessing his parents' murder in a mugging gone wrong. The trauma fueled his lifelong ambition to clean up the streets of his city and to give people hope for a brighter tomorrow. As he grew older and trained both his mind and body to the peak of human potential, he donned the guise of the mask, Batma, so that he could work in the shadows and achieve his mission of wiping out crime in his city for good. He possesses a keen intellect, amazing fighting skills, and cutting-edge technology, which help him become the unbeatable hero no one can copy.

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    170cm (67in)

    77kg (170lb)







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