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Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima

Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima product
Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima
Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima
Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima
Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima
Nendoroid Uzumaki Kirie Goshima

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    Kirie Goshima
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  • Description

    Sculptor: POLY-TOYS Cooperation: Nendoron Enjoy a world of mysterious terror in Nendoroid form. From the manga series "Uzumaki" comes a Nendoroid of Kirie Goshima. Face plates: Calm face Confused face Fearful face Optional parts: School bag The Snail Shuichi's father illustration sheet Spiral background paperboard Other optional parts for different poses.

    Kirie Goshima is a fictional anime character that is designed as a Nendoroid figure. She has a beautiful and youthful appearance with long, wavy red hair that falls down to her waist. Her eyes are wide, and they shine brightly with a soft green color that is enchanting to behold. She has a small nose and bright, pink lips that give her a friendly smile. Her body is slender, and she has an hourglass shape that accentuates her curves. Overall, Kirie Goshima's physical appearance is captivating and unique, making her a favorite among anime fans.

    Kirie Goshima is a character in a fantasy world where she is known as a powerful witch. She was born with immense magical powers, and she has been training her entire life to master them. Kirie is kind-hearted and strives to use her powers for the greater good. However, she has a dark past where she faced a great tragedy that left her with emotional scars that still haunt her to this day. She lost her parents and her home when it was attacked by a group of evil witches who were after her family's magical artifacts. This event shaped her personality, and she now struggles with trust issues and an overwhelming fear of losing the people she cares about. Despite the trauma she endured, Kirie is determined to use her powers to protect the innocent and fight against evil. She has a team of allies who support her in her mission to make the world a better place. However, she is always aware that danger is constantly lurking around the corner. Kirie's journey is a story of perseverance, love, and self-discovery, and her character is relatable to many individuals who have faced their own hardships in life.

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    10 cm (3.9 inches)

    0.2 kg (0.5 lb)








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