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Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell

Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell product
Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell
Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell
Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell
Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell
Nendoroid Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell

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    Zatch Bell
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  • Description

    Sculptor: toytec D.T.C Cooperation: Nendoron "I'll become a kind king!" From the anime series "Zatch Bell!" comes a Nendoroid of the child from the Mamodo World, Zatch Bell! Face plates: - Energetic face - Zaker face - Crying face Optional parts: - Vulcan 300 - Yellowtail - Lightning effect - Other optional parts for different poses.

    Zatch Bell is a fictional anime character known for his unique and colorful appearance. He has spiky yellow hair that stands out due to its bright shade. His eyebrows are thin and sharp, adding to his expressive face, and he has a small nose and mouth. Zatch Bell's most striking feature is his pair of gold eyes, which hold an innocent and curious look. He wears a red and white striped shirt, a blue denim overall, and a pair of green and white sneakers, making him look like an energetic young boy.

    Zatch Bell's story revolves around his journey to become the King of the Mamodo world. He is a Mamodo who was sent to Earth with no memory of his past, a common occurrence in the Mamodo world. However, he discovers that he has a book with him, which sets him apart from other Mamodos. The book contains powerful spells that only his partner, Kiyomaro Takamine, can read and cast. Together, they embark on a journey to participate in the Mamodo battles, where the Mamodo with the last standing partner becomes the King of the Mamodo world. Throughout this journey, Zatch Bell and Kiyomaro encounter various Mamodos and enemies, creating a captivating plot that involves magic, action, and friendship.

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    150 cm (59.05 inches)

    38 kg (83.77 lb)







    Mamodo contestant.

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