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No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure

No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure product
No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure
No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure
No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure
No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure
No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 Complete Figure

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Max: 11980 ¥

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    Sculptor: Sho Kojima With Disboard, the world where everything is decided simply through games, as the stage, humanity's only hope may be the shut-in, genius gamers from the real world, known as "" (Blank)!? From the anime No Game No Life, Shiro, one half of "" (Blank) and the little sister of Sora, is being reproduced! Her softly flowing hair draws attention with its rainbow coloring, and is accented with a red shadow that vividly recreates the distinct coloration from the anime. With details such as the chessboard-like base and chess piece in her hand, various references to Shiro's best game have been crafted into this piece as the motif for this figure. Even details such as her golden crown and half-worn knee-high socks have also been finely sculpted. Perched on a chessboard with a chess piece in hand, you can enjoy the girl genius Shiro with her cute and mysterious air to your hearts' content by adding this figure to your collection today. *This reproduction will have a different SRP than its previous release.

    Shiro is a fictional anime character with strikingly white hair that complements her porcelain skin. Her hair reaches her waist, and she often wears it in a ponytail or braid. Shiro's large, deep blue eyes are her most defining physical feature, and her eyelashes are thick and long. She has a symmetrical face with a small nose and full lips, giving her a delicate, ethereal aura. Shiro's build is thin, yet athletic, with long, toned legs that complement her 5'7" height.

    Shiro's story is one that revolves around strength and perseverance. Born in a small village, Shiro was orphaned at a young age and left to fend for herself. Despite the challenges, Shiro developed a fierce determination and a keen sense of survival. Her upbringing made her wary of people, but she learned to trust those who proved themselves loyal. Perhaps the greatest obstacle of Shiro's life occurred when she was captured by an enemy army during a war. Despite being physically and emotionally abused, Shiro refused to break, relying on her innate strength and resilience to survive. Eventually, she was rescued and brought back to her village, where she became a leader, using her experiences to help others in similar situations.

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    170 (67)

    56 (123)







    Leader in her village

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