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POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure

POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure product
POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Berserk Guts [Berserker Armor] L Complete Figure

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Max: 21150 ¥

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    Sculptor: Max Factory (Hiroshi Yuasa) Paintwork: Asuka Marunouchi Bloodlust blacks out all else. Presenting POP UP PARADE figures now in a larger size! POP UP PARADE is bringing figure fans a brand new sense of excitement with the L line. From the popular manga "Berserk" comes a POP UP PARADE L figure of Guts wearing the Berserker Armor. The figure stands at approximately 280mm in height (including the vignette base). Guts' appearance from the cover illustration of the manga's 28th volume has been impressively captured in figure form. In addition to the standard head part, a head part that can be used with a Milight 316R (released by: Hiromi Sangyo) LED to create a glowing eye effect is included as well. *Please note that the Milight 316R (released by: Hiromi Sangyo) is not included in the product.

    Guts is a fictional anime character from the series "Berserk" and is best known for his physical appearance. He is a tall and muscular man with short, spiky black hair, and an intimidating aura that can make anyone think twice before approaching him. He has a scar above his nose and right eye, which he got in a battle. Guts often adorns himself in black clothing with a dark cloak and a massive sword, which is almost as tall as him.

    The story of Guts is that he was born from a corpse, which made people see him as a bad omen. From a young age, Guts had to learn to survive on his own, and he became a mercenary, selling his skills as a warrior to the highest bidder. In a battle, Guts met the leader of the Band of the Hawk, Griffith, who offered him a chance to join their group. Guts hesitated, but he was eventually convinced by Griffith's charm and charisma. Under Griffith's leadership, the Band of the Hawk became one of the strongest mercenary groups in the land. But one day, everything changed when Griffith sacrificed his entire army to become a demon. Guts was the sole survivor of this event, and he went on a quest for vengeance against Griffith. He discovers that the armor he wears is cursed and that using it could lead to his death. This only added to Guts' already oppressive burden, as he must come to terms with his quest for revenge and the consequences of his actions.

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    190 cm (74.8 inches)

    110 kg (242.5 lb)







    Mercenary, Warrior.

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