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POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure

POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure product
POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Figure

Min: 3595 ¥

Avg: 4662 ¥

Max: 8171 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: Yakiimo Paintwork: Yotaro Taniguchi "I love you, more than anything in the world, more than anyone else, forever and ever and ever." POP UP PARADE is a series of figures that are easy to collect with affordable prices and speedy releases! Each figure typically stands around 17-18cm in height and the series features a vast selection of characters from popular anime and game series, with many more to be added soon! From the anime series "Oreimo" comes a POP UP PARADE figure of the chunibyo that always wears gothic lolita fashion, Kuroneko!

    Kuronek is a fictional anime character known for her unusual appearance which is a mixture of a cat and a human. She has cat ears and a tail, but her face looks human with round, brown eyes and a small nose. Her skin is pale and smooth, and she has shiny black hair that falls in waves to her waist. Kuronek is quite petite in stature, standing at about 155 cm with a slim, lean, yet toned build. Her fluid and graceful movements make her resemble a cat in many ways, matching her unique features.

    Kuronek was born into a family of cat humans, a rare population within her society. Her father was a successful businessman in the city, and her mother was a housewife who loved cooking and taking care of the family. Kuronek was brought up in a strict household where she was expected to be polite and obedient, but she often found it challenging to hide her feline nature. She was naturally curious and playful, prone to chasing birds or mice that crossed her paths, and would often find herself in situations that got her into trouble. Kuronek dreamt of becoming a famous artist and would spend hours drawing and painting her surroundings. Despite her parents' disapproval, she persisted in pursuing her passion and eventually moved to the city to attend an art college. There, she discovered a group of friends who were also cat humans and finally found a place where she belonged.

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    155 cm (61.02 inches)

    47 kg (103.61 lbs)








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