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POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure

POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure product
POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Persona 3 Aigis Complete Figure

Min: 3220 ¥

Avg: 4556 ¥

Max: 6700 ¥

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3220 ¥
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6700 ¥
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4650 ¥
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4145 ¥
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4757 ¥
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4080 ¥
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4015 ¥
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4744 ¥
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6417 ¥


3604 ¥
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3792 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Shining Wizard @ Sawatika (Max Factory) Paintwork: Eriko Kaibara Aigis joins the POP UP PARADE series. POP UP PARADE is a series of figures that are easy to collect with affordable prices and speedy releases! Each figure typically stands around 17-18cm in height and the series features a vast selection of characters from popular anime and game series, with many more to be added soon! From the popular game "PERSONA3" comes a POP UP PARADE figure of the Kirijo Group's Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, Aigis! The figure features Aigis aiming her machine gun, her beautiful looks and poised demeanor carefully captured in figure form. Be sure to add her to your collection!

    Aigis, the 6th model of "Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon", is a fictional character from the popular Japanese role-playing video game Persona 3 by Atlus. Aigis's appearance is that of a young woman with short silver hair styled into a bob cut. Her eyes are a vivid shade of red with a blue glow to them. Her outfit is a white and blue skintight bodysuit that doubles as armor made to withstand enemy gunfire and other weapons. She has a unique feature in the form of her metallic visor that covers her eyes, giving her a distinct robotic look.

    Aigis's story is closely linked with the protagonist of Persona 3, who is one of her fewties alliances. Aigis is an android weapon created by a corporation called the Kirijo Group to fight Shadows. However, after the failed experiment responsible for the creation of the Dark Hour, she was subsequently deactivated and recovered in the dormitory controlled by the Kirijo Group. Aigis awakens at the start of the storyline after being placed in the care of the protagonist, who she maintains a fierce loyalty for. Her entire existence revolves around protecting the protagonist and the rest of her allies. Aigis struggles with her humanity while trying to balance her loyalty to her friends, her desires, her battles against Shadows, and her mission as a weapon.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    160cm (62.99 inches)

    58.97 kg (130 lbs)


    Unknown (Appears 18 years old)





    Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon.

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