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POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure

POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure product
POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure
POP UP PARADE Yuru Camp Rin Shima Complete Figure

Min: 2340 ¥

Avg: 3706 ¥

Max: 4800 ¥

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    Rin Shima
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2340 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: Carve Models, Shougo Paintwork: Hajime Akimoto (Hajimeno) "We're connected by the sky." POP UP PARADE is a series of figures that are easy to collect with affordable prices and speedy releases! Each figure typically stands around 17-18cm in height and the series features a vast selection of characters from popular anime and game series, with many more to be added soon! From the popular anime series "Laid-Back Camp" comes a POP UP PARADE figure of Rin Shima in her school uniform! Rin has been captured in figure form posed as though on her way to Motosu High School. Be sure to add her to your collection!

    Rin Shima is a fictional anime character admired for her striking appearance. She is a tall, slim, and agile girl with short, straight, light-brown hair that falls just below her ears. Her clear blue eyes reflect calmness and determination, and her always smiling face gives her an optimistic and friendly look. Rin's elating personality is accentuated by her unique outfit, which she wears throughout the anime series. She usually wears a green jacket with a fluffy hood and a crimson vest. Under the vest, she dons a white shirt with red patterns and navy-blue shorts. Rin also sports beige boots that provide comfort and flexibility while trekking.

    Rin Shima's journey is a tale of self-discovery, adventure, and friendship. She is an avid solo traveler who loves to explore and discover new destinations. She enjoys camping alone, especially in the summertime, where she can connect with nature and find peace in its quietness. In the story, Rin decides to visit several campsites along Lake Motosu, where she meets a group of friends who share her passion for outdoor camping. She befriends Nadeshiko Kagamihara, a cheerful girl who convinces Rin to camp with others and discover a world outside her solitude. Rin is initially hesitant, but with Nadeshiko's enthusiasm, she finds fun in the communal camping experience. Together, they embark on numerous adventures, ranging from cooking delicious food, playing games, hiking mountains, and even stargazing.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation

    Light brown

    167.64 cm (66 inches)

    52 kg (115 lb)







    High School Student

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