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Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure

Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure product
Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure
Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure
Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure
Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure
Prima Doll Gekka 1/7 Complete Figure

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Max: 33797 ¥

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    Sculptor: Takahi Production cooperation: Kotobukiya From Prima Doll, the collaborative series between Key and Kotobukiya, Gekka, the former reconnaissance automata who is blunt with her words, is coming out as a figure! The unique style of the character designer, Yui Hara, has been perfectly captured with this piece. Special attention was paid to details like the camellia flowers on her furisode sleeves, her taiyaki pouch, and the large ribbon in her hair that looks like little ears. Her frilly apron and randoseru, or Japanese school backpack, along with her flowing skirt have all been sculpted and painted with great care. The props and accessories have also been delicately sculpted and painted to fully capture the nostalgic, retro feel of the series. The omurice, which is made with eggs that are considered scarce ingredients in the story, was made with a delicious-looking finish. The base features the same vignette style design as Haizakura and Karasuba's, recreating the series' atmosphere around the character. The desk and chair have also been sculpted to blend well with the overall feel of the figure. Add her to your collection today and delve into the world of Prima Doll! *Only the figure is included.

    Gekka is a charming anime character with a captivating appearance. She stands at an average height with a slender build, showcasing her elegant and graceful nature. Her long black hair flows down her back and drapes around her shoulders. She has piercing blue eyes that are filled with emotion that speak to her mysterious persona. Her outfit is elaborate, with many intricate details that exude her class and sophistication. Right off the bat, her commanding presence leaves an indelible mark on her viewers.

    Gekka is a majestic character with an intriguing story. Initially, she lived a modest life as a seamstress in a small village. Her true calling came to light when she discovered the enchanting world of the performing arts. Ever since then, she has devoted herself to the art of dancing and has risen to become one of the most renowned prima dolls. Her performances are unlike any other, with her graceful movements leaving her audience spellbound. Despite her success, Gekka remains kind and modest, never forgetting where she came from. She always sees herself as a student and is continuously trying to improve herself. One of her most significant moments was when she danced for her village and later decided to dedicate her life to bringing joy and happiness wherever she could.

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    165 cm (64.96 inches)

    52 kg (114.64 lb)







    Prima Doll Dancer

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