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Promare Lio Fotia SGT ver. Complete Figure

Promare Lio Fotia SGT ver. Complete Figure product
Promare Lio Fotia SGT ver. Complete Figure
Promare Lio Fotia SGT ver. Complete Figure
Promare Lio Fotia SGT ver. Complete Figure

Min: 1287 ¥

Avg: 1926 ¥

Max: 4432 ¥

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    Lio Fotia
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1436 ¥
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1287 ¥
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4432 ¥
  • Description

    Sculptor: Noramurachou Cooperation: Nendoron From "PROMARE" comes an adorable figure of Lio! From the original anime movie "PROMARE" comes an adorable figure of Lio Fotia, leader of Mad Burnish! The original chibi illustration by character designer Shigeto Koyama has been brought to life. The PVC figure is based on a garage kit by Noramurachou. The adorable design of the original garage kit has been refined by Good Smile Company under the close watch of Shigeto Koyama. Be sure to preorder with Galo Thymos: SGT ver. available for preorder at the same time!

    Lio Fotia is a fictional anime character that stands out with his unique appearance. His hair color is a vibrant shade of crimson, which perfectly complements his fiery personality. He has sharp, defined features and a lean, muscular build that adds to his intimidating presence. What really sets Lio apart is his distinctive eye color- a striking gold shade that seems to glow with the light of a flame. Lio is always seen wearing his signature long, black coat with red accents, along with a red scarf and gloves that further enhance his aesthetic.

    Lio Fotia's story begins in a world where humans possess the ability to control flames known as "Burnish". As the leader of a group of rebels known as "Mad Burnish", Lio wages war against a government that has oppressed and persecuted those with Burnish abilities. He is fiercely loyal to his comrades and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Despite his hardened exterior, Lio has a sense of compassion that he reserves for those closest to him. His worldview is challenged when he crosses paths with Galo Thymos, a member of the Burning Rescue team who is tasked with defending the government. Lio is forced to confront his beliefs and decide what he is willing to sacrifice for his cause.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    175cm (68.9in)

    65kg (143lb)







    Leader of Mad Burnish rebels

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