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SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure

SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure product
SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure
SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure
SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure
SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure
SoftB Pac-Man Complete Figure

Min: 3740 ¥

Avg: 9953 ¥

Max: 12700 ¥

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12700 ¥
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11832 ¥
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11540 ¥
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3740 ¥
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    Pacman is a fictional anime character with a distinctive and unique appearance. He is often recognized by his circular shape with a yellow color, large mouth, and big eyes that give him an adorable appearance. Pacman has a round body, lacking any limbs or fingers. The top half of his body consists of an open mouth, while the bottom part of his body is solid color. He also wears white gloves on his hands, giving him a cute and playful look.

    The story of Pacman starts in a different dimension called Pac-World. Pacman, the main protagonist, lives in this world and has a happy-go-lucky personality. He is the protector of his world, and his main task is to save his world from the ghosts that have taken over. Pacman has a unique power that helps him in his battles against his enemies. He can eat his enemies by opening his mouth, and his enemies turn into small dots, which he collects to gain energy. Pacman's mission is not just about fighting against his enemies; he also has to explore and navigate a labyrinth of intricate corridors and pathways to find his way to the ghosts' lair.

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    7 (2.75)

    N/A (N/A)







    Protector of Pac-World

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