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Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure

Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure product
Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure
Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure
Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure
Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure
Tales of Arise Rinwell 1/8 Complete Figure

Min: 11000 ¥

Avg: 15217 ¥

Max: 26361 ¥

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  • Description

    Sculptor: iTANDi Rinwell from Tales of ARISE is coming to life as a 1/8 scale figure. With a cute smile on her face, Rinwell is posed as if she is gently springing forward. Rinwell's charm is fully shown through smile, and extra attention has been paid to recreating the characteristic design of her outfit and magic book based on references from the series. Her uniquely shaped arm covers and embroidery on the hems of the back of her jacket have been sculpted in detail. To show the difference in material on her small pendant, the glass section has been recreated using clear parts and the metal sections utilize metallic paint. Great care was taken in recreating the fine details of her magic book, such as the pattern on the cover, the aged feeling of the pages, and even the complex letters written on it. Display her together with the upcoming Alphen to recreate the world of Tales of ARISE.

    Renwell is a fictional anime character known for her striking appearance. She is a young, petite girl with long purple hair that falls down her back in voluminous waves. Her face is delicate and her large, expressive eyes are a bright shade of blue that stand out against her pale skin. She wears a unique outfit that consists of a white and purple dress with tights, high boots, and gloves. Renwell's overall appearance is a captivating blend of delicate beauty and edgy details, making her a memorable character in the world of anime.

    Renwell's story is one of struggle and perseverance. She comes from a world where her magic powers made her the target of persecution and discrimination. Despite this, Renwell refused to hide her abilities and decided to fight for her rights and those of others like her. She joined forces with the protagonist of the series and together, they embarked on a journey to free their world from oppression. Renwell quickly proved herself to be a valuable ally, using her magic to aid her friends and fight against their enemies. Her story is one of bravery, determination, and the fight for justice.

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    156cm (61.4 inches)

    45kg (99.2lb)








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