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Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure

Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure product
Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure
Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure
Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure
Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure
Touhou Project Flandre Scarlet Complete Figure

Min: 34980 ¥

Avg: 39065 ¥

Max: 43151 ¥

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    Flandre Scarlet
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43151 ¥
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34980 ¥
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    Sculptor: sai Paintwork: Nanami Tetsumori illustration: Honda Roaro From "Touhou Project" comes a figure of "Flandre Scarlet" based on Honda Roaro's new illustration. It depicts her lightly floating which along with the fluttering frills and swaying hair of the side-tail gives the appearance of movement. The smile is filled with insanity in innocence which suits her charms perfectly and along with the vampire like fangs give the figure a charming finish. Flandre's unique wings are recreated using clear materials with colorful paint gradation and pearl colors for the crystal parts to give them a gem-like shine. It even comes with alternative parts so there are 2 different poses to chooses from when displaying the figure. The endearing pose has innocent gestures and she seems to thinking about playing barrage. Add this figure to your collection and enjoy displaying it as you like!

    Flandre Scarlet is a character from the Touhou Project series. With her bright pink hair and distinct red bat wings, she is easily recognizable as one of the key figures within the franchise. Her small stature and childlike features give her a somewhat innocent appearance, but don't let that fool you - Flandre is a powerful vampire with a dangerous temper. She often wears a simple white dress with a bold red ribbon tied around her waist, emphasizing her childlike appearance even further.

    Flandre Scarlet's story is an intriguing and complex one. As the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet, another prominent Touhou Project character, Flandre is initially seen as a somewhat tragic figure. Confined to the Scarlet Devil Mansion due to her unstable and unpredictable powers, Flandre longs for the freedom and adventure that she is denied. Despite her youthful appearance, Flandre is over 495 years old and possesses incredible powers, including the ability to destroy anything she desires with just a snap of her fingers. Over the course of the series, Flandre struggles with her own feelings of isolation and the bond she shares with her sister, whose motivations and goals often clash with her own desires. Despite the difficulties she faces, Flandre remains a beloved character within the Touhou Project community, known for both her striking appearance and her complex personality.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    135cm (53 inches)

    35kg (77lbs)


    Over 495 years old





    Vampire and resident of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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