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Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure

Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure product
Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure
Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure
Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure
Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure
Trials of Mana Riesz Complete Figure

Min: 10760 ¥

Avg: 18610 ¥

Max: 30525 ¥

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22279 ¥
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10760 ¥
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20006 ¥
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17266 ¥
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16919 ¥
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13699 ¥


30525 ¥
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17426 ¥
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  • Description

    Sculptor: G.O. (Cerberus Project TM) Paintwork: Emi Hoshina Development, Cooperation: Flare

    Riesz is a strikingly beautiful anime character with long silver hair, expressive blue eyes, and a slender but muscular build. She is often seen wearing a white and gold armor that accentuates her curves and gives her a regal presence. She carries a spear that is almost as tall as she is, and her combat abilities are legendary. Despite her fierce appearance, there is a nobility and compassion in her expression that suggests she is far more than just a warrior.

    The story of Riesz is an epic one. She hails from the kingdom of Laurent, where she was trained in the art of combat from a young age. Her homeland was invaded by the forces of the evil priest Koren, and Riesz joined forces with two other heroes, Duran and Angela, to journey across the land and find a way to defeat him. Along the way, the trio battled fierce monsters, encountered strange and magical creatures, and learned to grow in strength and skill. During her journey, Riesz faced many challenges, both physical and emotional. She was forced to confront her own fears and doubts, and learned to overcome them through her inner strength and determination. She also developed a deep bond with her allies, who became like family to her. Eventually, Riesz succeeded in defeating Koren and saving her kingdom, but not without sacrificing much along the way. Her story is one of courage, perseverance, and self-discovery.

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    168cm (66.14in)

    54kg (119lb)








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