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Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT

Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT product
Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT
Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT
Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT
Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT
Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT

Min: 1073 ¥

Avg: 1377 ¥

Max: 2100 ¥

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  • Character
    Hatsune Miku
  • Brand
    Yura-Yura Head Hatsune Miku NT
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2100 ¥
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1320 ¥
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1155 ¥
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1540 ¥
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1078 ¥
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1073 ¥
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  • Description

    Hatsune Miku is a fictional character that has become iconic in the world of anime. She is best known for her teal colored pigtails that fall down her back and her red and black outfit that has become synonymous with her image. Her large eyes are bright blue and complement her youthful appearance. Miku always appears vibrant and full of life. Her tiny fingers can be seen delicately tapping away at her microphone during concerts, an attribute very few characters have been able to master. She exudes an aura of energy, always energetic and playful.

    Miku was created as a singing avatar by a software company called Crypton Future Media. She was conceived as a revolution in pop culture by the company. The software was designed to enable users to input her voice and project it in any language they wanted. Miku is portrayed as a sixteen-year-old girl with a huge fan base that adores and idolizes her. She travels the world and performs in sold-out concerts, singing songs that resonate with her fans. According to her story, Hatsune Miku comes into existence in the year 2027 as the result of a genius idea by Crypton Future Media. Her success could not be predicted, and she becomes an instant phenomenon. Fans have created a subculture of Miku, consisting of everything from art to fashion, which has exploded worldwide. It’s said her voice is an embodiment of hope, laughter, and dreams.

  • Hair colorHeightWeightEyes colorAgeGenderBirthdayBlood TypeZodiac signThree sizesOccupation


    158 cm (5'2'')

    42 kg (92 lb)







    Virtual pop star and singer.

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